I started dancing at the age of ten after browsing countless "breakdance" videos on YouTube. My first interaction with the actual dance happend in Paris when I saw such street performance live and could not resist to learn this art form as well. With my dear brother Marek we have joined a dance school Opatow Flavours in Prague where we still practice and teach breaking nowadays.

After realizing that my leg could appear behind my head with effortless ease I started to create original body positions and twists, treating my body form as a playground and my mind as an excited child.

I also took part in wide range of dance battles and competitions around the world as a solo dancer or with my crew Opatow Flavours. My dance is a combination of rhythm, improvisation and embodied emotions sprinkled with lightness and flow under deep control.

One of the dance highlights worth mentioning is taking part in events such as Juste Debout, I Love This Dance, Eurovision Song Contest and Red Bull Dance Your Style or working with names such as Rita Ora, Kylie Minogue, BAYNK, Cirk La Putyka, National Danish Performance Team and Uppercut Danseteater.



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