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I'm Kristián Mensa, also known as Mr. Kriss, a dancer and visual artist based in Prague.


I have been dancing and exploring the possibilities of my body for more than 15 years – starting with breaking alongside my crew Opatow Flavours and expanding individually into experimental dance and movement abstraction. I love to twist, turn, fall, take risks and let go of control using elasticity and elegance of my body. I’ve worked with some unique artists such as Kylie Minogue, Yoann Bourgeois, Hania Rani and Armand Amar. I perform, participate in battles, take part in film shootings and most recently teach around the world.


As a visual artist, I find inspiration in ordinary things, from the shapes of clouds to the sound of heavy rainfall. With a few subtle brush strokes and a sprinkle of imagination, I create a world filled with everyday poetry and simplicity. I play with objects, words, and important themes, using a universally understandable visual language. I’ve worked with WWF, Greenpeace or Adidas Originals.


My life and work have been captured in a documentary film Mr. Kriss (2021) by Adolf Zika. I've been recognised in prestigious lists, including '20 under 20' by The HuffPost and '30 under 30' by Forbes. Additionally, I'm honoured to have received a Silver Medal from the President of the Czech Senate for “youthful determination and inspiration.”

Kriss portrait - photo by Florence Grimmeisen - HD 2.jpg

Photo by Florence Grimmeisen

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