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“I draw with my body on the floor and dance with a pencil on paper.“


Kristián Mensa, known by his artistic name Mr. Kriss, is a self-taught artist born in Prague with Ghanaian roots. Despite his young age, he has become a respected and world-renowned artist, both as a dancer and illustrator.

As a dancer, he merges breakdance with other styles, showcasing flexibility, fluidity, and lightness. He has performed at events such as the Red Bull Dance Your Style 2019 in Paris, the Eurovision Song Contest, and the Sziget Festival, and has worked with artists like Kylie Minogue, Rita Ora, Yoann Burgeois, and Armand Amar. He has also danced for brands such as Zara and Louis Vuitton.


As a visual artist, Kristián works with everyday objects, incorporating creativity and playfulness into his pieces. He has had solo exhibitions in several European cities and has worked for brands such as Heinz and WWF UK.

Kristián's achievements include being featured in the documentary "Mr. Kriss" released in 2021, receiving a Silver medal from the President of the Czech Senate in the same year, and being listed in 20under20 by HuffPost and 30under30 by Forbes Czech.

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