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“I draw with my body on the floor and dance with a pencil on paper.“


Kristián Mensa (known as Mr. Kriss) is a dancer and visual artist from the Czech Republic. Especially after his appearance at the prestigious Red Bull Dance Your Style competition in 2019, Mr. Kriss became a respected dancer known for his flexibility, elegance, and lightness. He merges breaking with other forms of movement and physical expressions.


As a visual artist, he captivates his audience by infusing visual art and real-life scenery. Through imagination, playfulness, and universal understanding, Kristián brings important topics into awareness. With only a few subtle brush strokes, he unfolds a world full of poetry and magic.


Kristián has collaborated with many global brands and organizations. He was awarded a Silver medal from the President of the Czech Senate in 2021 and was listed in 20under20 by HuffPost and 30under30 by Forbes Czech. In 2021, a documentary film titled "Mr. Kriss" was released, offering viewers a gentle look into Kristián's mind and soul.

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