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In Our Hands

As a dancer, I am fascinated by the human body’s boundless potential for expression. And as an illustrator, I revel in the transformative power of the imagination.

So at the start of this year, I embarked on a new project: capturing my body’s intricate shapes and movements to depict the majesty of nature, its creatures, and the impact of human activity on our planet. I called the project “In Our Hands" and had a chance to exhibit the results in the center of Prague.

Through this art, I discovered a profound harmony between the human form and the natural world. It reminds us that we are not above nature, but a vital part of it.

January 20th – March 18th 2023


Národní 1393/4, 110 00 Nové Město


Concept and illustrations: Kristián Mensa

Photography: Daniel Kunc

Model 1: Kristián Mensa

Model 2: Frédéric Berthold Dongmo Kuèté

Event photography: Dee Koláčová

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