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Picasso Dance

When La Blogothèque approached me last year, asking if I want to portray Pablo Picasso through dance, I was unsure how to create an equal dialogue with  a man who exhibited both extraordinary artistic sensitivity yet narcissism and cruelty in life. However, I immersed myself in Picasso's life and work and realised that I could take what inspired me and discard the rest. I discovered shared interests, such as a love of flamenco music, improvisation, and deconstructing the body and the world around us.


I asked my friend and talented musician Alan Grezl to compose four unique flamenco songs, which he performed live during the shoot. I also incorporated my love for visual arts into the film by using large sheets of paper and charcoal.


The result is a film which blends all this together, improvisation is on a date with structure, music kisses the body which moves with freedom in space.

Watch full film on ARTE CONCERT.

Watch interview explaining the process and ideas behind the film on ARTE's Instagram.

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