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Found Lost

 We are constantly living between two states - feeling lost and feeling found. Whether physically or mentally we desire to be at a place which feels familiar and where we feel safe. Often, we look for this sensation very far, but we don't realize how approachable this feeling of contentment might be. This performance will take us on a journey where many things will be lost and many found - feelings, emotions, memories.


Dancer: Mr. Kriss

Music composition: Armand Amar

Duduk: Tigran Aleksanyan / Alan Grezl

Clothing: By The Creator

Duration: 10:32


– Breakin' Convention 2022, Sadler's Wells, London UK

– Kuopio Dance Festival 2022, Kuopio, Finland

– Nebál 2022, Brno, Czech republic

– Mime Evening 2022, Polička, Czech republic

– Hip Hop Goes Theatre 2022, Salzburg, Austria

– SportFilm Liberec, Czech republic

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