Kristián Mensa believes that art is a unique form of
self-expression which allows one to talk and share his thoughts, emotions and opinion through actions. For his artworks Kristián uses everyday, simple and frequently overlooked objects and gives them a new meaning and perspective. His “world” contains an infinite amount of creativity and imagination which resulted in hundreads of inspiring illustrations. Besides art itself he dedicates his time to dance , theatre, creating music and sharing love.
He is 19 years old and lives in Prague.

Last year was Kristián Mensa included by the Huffington Post in “20 Under 20” – 20 most gifted young innovators worldwide and also made it to “100 Faces of Impact 2017“.



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April-June 2015 – in Brewed Awakeings (5273 west 64th ave, Arvada, CO 80003)
October-November 2015 – SMART ART exhibition in Galerie Jacques, Pražská 701, Dolní Břežany
February-April 2016 – SMART ART exhibition II in KC Zahrada, Malenická 1784/2, Prague
May 16th – June 15th 2017World by Kriss in VNITROBLOCK, Prague